Ein Hauch von Tradition, ein Schritt in die Zukunft

The art of Furoshiki has been practiced in Japan for more than 1000 years. This sustainable tradition of wrapping gifts or items is hardly known here.

We want to change that and make gift giving more sustainable for everyone with shickii.

Pure sustainability

Can your Shickii be reused? Are they durable? Will you
produced in Germany? Yes, yes and yes! Our Shickii's consist of
Organic cotton and support climate and environmental protection projects because
Nature is important to us.

regional instead of global

No to poor working conditions in the Far East.

We produce all of our shickii's in Germany. We therefore support small tailoring businesses. For us this offers the advantage of clear communication and for all of us the advantage of short transport routes.


No more trash

Did you know that with the waste created by wrapping paper (worldwide) alone, we can travel around the world ten times?

Simply use your shickii again and again and demonstrably reduce the waste of wrapping paper.

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   shickii Geschenktücher
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   - Größe L, M, S und XS
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- Größe L, M, S
(XL + XS im 4er Set)
- auch Mixed-Bundles

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